A new approach

  • Improves teacher/
    student communication
  • Creates an objective picture
    of progress with meaningful feedback
  • Trains students to take control of their own
    academic success
  • Measures mastery, not merely compliance

Fairview's results

PLAN / ACT Scores

Class of 2010 PLAN 17.2 ACT 18.6
Class of 2011 PLAN 17.3 ACT 18.8
Class of 2012 PLAN 17.3 ACT 20.7
Class of 2013 PLAN 18.9 ACT 21.1

AP Passing Percentage

English Lit English Language
2008-09 45% 2008-09 33%
2009-10 64% 2009-10 67%
2010-11 89% 2010-11 77%
Government Economics
2008-09 35% 2008-09 52%
2009-10 44% 2009-10 56%
2010-11 42% 2010-11 63%

Using grades that measure only completion and compliance fails students, teachers, and the community

Fairview High School teachers have developed a program that measures a student's mastery of concepts—a grading process that actually values learning. Told through the teachers' own experiences, with practical examples and sample rubrics, this book provides a vision of how to create a true learning culture in a traditional high school setting.

It's all about the learning

One day principal Tony Donen realized that the grades he examined didn't make much sense. There must be a better way, he thought, to measure what students really know. He assembled a team of teachers to think outside the box and build a gradebook from the ground up — a method to evaluate students' mastery of material. The results are extraordinary: better understanding, improved communication, and academic success.

Watch the overview

“Wow! What a great story and what a great book. Full of authentic voices that describe successes and difficulties. Lots of practical advice, a road map for others to follow on the journey to grading for learning. This book excites me.”

Ken O’Connor “The Grade Doctor”

Author of A Repair Kit for Grading: 15 Fixes for Broken Grades